Preventing Common Snowboarding Injuries

Snowboarding pic


Saint Jovite Kota Youngblood has been leading Youngblood Metals Mining, a purchaser of coin collectibles and antique jewelry, for over five years. Relying on his 10 years of professional experience, he specializes in buying pre-Victorian toys and jewelry, as well as pre-1800 silver dollars. In his free time, Saint Jovite Youngblood enjoys snowboarding with his family.

Although beginners are more likely to receive an injury while snowboarding than those more advanced, snowboarding enthusiasts at any level can get hurt. Wrist injuries are the most common type of injury that snowboarders experience due to the natural inclination to break a fall with one’s hands. Instead of using the hands to break a fall, experts suggest using the elbows. Additionally, wearing a wrist guard helps limit the risk of injury by providing extra support to the area.

Ankles are another area that a novice can easily injure while snowboarding, particularly when the wrong boots and bindings are worn. Although soft boots improve maneuverability, they provide less support to the ankles and increase the risk of injury. Wearing hard shell boots reduces this risk, as does doing certain exercises beforehand that strengthen the ankle joints and knees. These exercises also reduce the risk of knee injuries, which frequently result from hard impacts.

Finally, head injuries can also be sustained in a fall, so helmets are an essential part of any snowboarder’s equipment regardless of their normal snowboarding speed. Although they will not protect against all falls, they do offer protection in a minor fall or collision.


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