Rare Earth Metals and Their Uses

Rare Earth Metals pic

Rare Earth Metals
Image: metals.about.com

Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood is currently the president of Youngblood Metals Mining. With a BA in business and mathematics from Case Western Reserve University, Saint Jovite Youngblood combines his interests in business and finance with coin collecting and rare earth metals.

Seventeen rare earth metals found in the earth’s crust are used in a variety of different contexts, including computer technologies, clean energy, medicine, and communications.

Yttrium is a silvery metal that can be used in superconductors and powerful pulsed lasers as well as cancer and rheumatoid arthritis treatments. Neodymium is a soft, silvery metal that can be used alongside praseodymium, another rare earth metal, to create strong permanent magnets. Promethium, named for the Greek god who stole fire from the gods to give to humans, is the only naturally reactive rare earth metal. It was discovered in 1947, and while most naturally occurring promethium in the earth’s crust has decayed into other elements, it is frequently artificially created for watches, pacemakers, and other uses.

These rare earths have many important uses in modern society, and while they may not be well known, we have come to rely on them for important technologies and advances in health care.


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