Berlin Iron Jewelry

Berlin Iron Image:

Berlin Iron


Saint Jovite Youngblood is president of Youngblood Metals Mining, a company specializing in the purchase of rare collectibles and coins. Based out of Monrovia, California, Saint Jovite Youngblood is called upon by clients for his knowledge of pre-Victorian jewelry.

Fer de Berlin, French for “Berlin Iron,” is a type of jewelry that originated in the Georgian Period (1714-1837). During the time of Prussia’s war against Napoleon in the early 19th century, wealthy citizens were requested to donate their gold jewelry toward financing the war effort. In exchange, these citizens received iron replicas of their donated items, often with the word “Ich gab Gold fur Eisen” inscribed on the piece. The words meant “I gave gold for iron” and were a symbol of patriotism.

The iron pieces were sandcast and covered with a layer of black lacquer in order to prevent rust. They were later frequently used for mourning jewelry. Genuine pieces are characterized by their large size and intricate wrought iron designs. Berlin Iron jewelry is extremely rare today.


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