The PNG Addresses Counterfeit Coins

Professional Numismatic Guild pic

Professional Numismatic Guild

President of Youngblood Metals Mining, “Kota” Saint Jovite Youngblood is a member of the Professional Coin Grading Service. Saint Jovite Youngblood also maintains membership with the Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG).

The PNG recently released an article warning dealers and the public about counterfeit coins making their rotation worldwide. Many of the coins derive from China, where metals mimicking gold, silver, and ingot have been used to manufacture items that look like rare coins in an effort to fool buyers.

Among falsely replicated coins are the mid-19th century Seated Liberty and early-19th century Draped Bust as well as the late-19th and early-20th century Morgan and Peace silver dollars. An untrained eye might view the coins as authentic; however, professional coin collectors will be able to identify flaws in their construction. The coins are stamped with incorrect fonts and appear slightly different in coloring. Additionally, the face and hair of Liberty are not as clearly defined as the true version.

To read more about counterfeit activity impacting coin collecting, visit


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