The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Three Facts

Lord of the Rings Trilogy picc

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

“Kota” Saint Jovite Youngblood leads as president of Youngblood Metals Mining, a company dedicated to selling coin collectibles and antiques. Aside from his career, Saint Jovite Youngblood is an avid fan of trilogy, The Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings, authored by JRR Tolkien, was first recreated into a movie in 2001. Following are other facts about the books that fans may find interesting.

Aragorn comes from “halfelves” background.

Formerly “halfelves,” the brothers Elrond and Elros were given a choice to lead their lives as either human or elven. Elrond chose immortality as an elf, while Elros opted to become a human. Aragorn is Elros’ descendant.

Legolas may look different.

The movies showcase Legolas as having long, blonde hair. However, the book’s author never provided a description of the elf. A Huffington Post article suggests Legolas’ portrayal may come from narrative illustrating his father’s appearance.

The “One” was not created by Sauron.

Each race–dwarves, elves, and men–has its own rings. All rings but the “One” were forged by Sauron. The “One,” dedicated to elven society, came from the elf-lord Celebrimbor.


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