Winterizing a Wooden Instrument

Winterizing a Wooden Instrument pic

Winterizing a Wooden Instrument

Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood owns and manages Youngblood Metals Mining. With an interest in many hobbies, Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood’s specialty is playing any stringed instrument.

During the winter season, hobbyists and musicians must take additional steps to care for their instruments. The ideal temperature for stringed instruments is about 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while humidity should be 35 to 50 percent. Keeping these conditions constant can be difficult during the cold months.

Because most stringed instruments are made of wood, which can absorb water, temperature and humidity changes can cause wood shrinkage, cracks, neck damage, and seam openings. Here are a few ways wooden-instrument owners can counter possible cold-weather problems.

1. Monitor humidity. Check the weather report for humidity readings or obtain a hygrometer, which measures the relative humidity in an area.

2. Humidify dry air. A humidifier is an effective way of adding moisture to the air where an instrument is stored. However, dry air can still be a concern when the instrument is removed from the humidified space.

3. Close the instrument case properly. This should be the first line of defense for instrument owners. Airtight and padded instrument cases are less prone to problems caused by moist air or dry air.


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