Gibson’s Classic Electric Bass Models

Gibson Electric Guitar pic

Gibson Electric Guitar

As head of Youngblood Metals Mining, Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood leads a firm that specializes in the wholesale sourcing of vintage and antique collectibles. Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood enjoys music in his free time and plays Gibson six-string guitars, as well as full-size string basses.

Best known for its electric and acoustic guitars, Gibson also has a long legacy of producing quality bass guitars, including models that helped define blues, soul, and rock n’ roll history. The first model produced was the Gibson bass banjo, which replaced the previously introduced cello banjo. In the early 1950s, Gibson pioneered the EB electric bass, which helped define the emerging rockabilly sound. Shaped like a violin, the EB could be played either upright or horizontally. This type of bass gained recognition when Paul McCartney picked up a violin-shaped Hofner in Germany and started playing it with the Beatles.

The EB was ultimately replaced by the a solid-body EB-0, which was shaped like a Les Paul Junior and had a more familiar guitar configuration. By the mid-1960s, Gibson EB-3s with a built-in fuzz tone were in high demand among emerging rock groups. These models found favor with Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones and Jack Bruce of Cream, among many others, and are forever associated with the rock music scene.


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