A Look at Some of the Best Snowboarding Around Salt Lake City

The Canyons pic

The Canyons
Image: parkcitymountain.com

Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood serves as the president of Youngblood Metals Mining. Recreationally, Saint Jovite Youngblood enjoys snowboarding with his wife and two sons, and together they regularly travel to Utah.

Salt Lake City has some of the best snowboarding in the country. Perhaps the most celebrated resort is Snowbird, which has a 3,000-vertical-foot run. Also, the resort can receive nearly 700 inches of snow during the course of a season.

To practice tricks, individuals usually head to Park City, which features the King’s Crown Superpark and two mid-level parks, Pick ‘n’ Shovel and Payday. Also, beginners can learn the basic of park and pipe riding at Jonesy’s.

When people want to get away from the crowds in the Salt Lake City area, they should check out Solitude and The Canyons. On a powder day, individuals can typically get fresh tracks from the very first chair until the end of the day.

Locals tend to head to Brighton, which is the best bet for excellent conditions throughout the entire season. The Millicent and Great Western lifts take people to some of the best freeriding in the country.


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