A Look at the Various Uses of Rare Earth Metals

neodymium Image: en.wikipedia.org

Image: en.wikipedia.org

As the president of Youngblood Metals Mining, Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood acts as a middleman and purchaser for a network of coin collectors and antique dealers. In his limited spare time, Saint Jovite Youngblood enjoys learning about rare earth metals and their many applications in the modern world.

The rare earth group consists of 17 elements that are chemically similar and have important roles to play in the production of many electronics. Despite the word “rare” in their name, the elements are actually abundant. However, they can prove very hazardous to extract.

A common rare earth metal is neodymium, which is used to produce powerful magnets used in hard drives and loudspeakers as well as hybrid cars and wind turbines. This element makes products smaller and more efficient. Lanthanum is used in the production of cameras and telescope lenses. Recently, the element has also played a role in carbon lighting in cinema projection.

Praseodymium helps make strong alloys used in aircraft engines and is also found in glass visors worn by welders and glassmakers. Cerium has allowed catalytic converters to function more effectively even at high temperatures. Television and computer screens typically have yttrium, terbium, and/or europium. The latter is also found in nuclear reactors.


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