Improving Your Snowboarding Technique




A graduate of Case Western Reserve University, “Kota” Saint Jovite Youngblood oversees Youngblood Metals Mining, a coin and antique wholesale company in Monrovia, California. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Saint Jovite Youngblood enjoys snowboarding in Utah.

One of the basic ways people can improve their snowboarding technique is by getting the proper gear. Snowboarding requires everything from good boot bindings to the correct board.

The proper snowboarding gear varies by the snowboarder’s riding style, strength, and ability. As snowboarders improve, they need new gear to complement their growing skill.

Getting in shape and increasing strength helps snowboarders stay balanced and flexible. Snowboarders often ignore traditional forms of exercise, but those exercises can substantially improve performance on the slopes.

Snowboarders also need to learn to control their speed. Speed control helps prevent falls and makes carving turns more fluid.

Finally, snowboarders should make sure they have a solid stance. Most maneuvers will be easier to master when a snowboarder assumes a stance that is neither too narrow nor too wide.


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