Gibson Blends Guitars and Fashion at CES 2017

 CES 2017 pic

CES 2017

Before becoming the president of Youngblood Metals Mining, Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood attended Case Western Reserve University, where he got his BA in business and mathematics. Also a musician, Saint Jovite Youngblood says he can play anything with strings, but prefers a six-string Gibson guitar.

At 2017’s Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES), held annually in Las Vegas, Gibson made a splash by blending its trademark guitars with the modeling industry and putting on a fashion show. Models strutted up and down the catwalk brandishing the latest and greatest guitars Gibson Brands has to offer, with GeekWire joking that the event beat staring at more smart refrigerators and drones.

Aside from the fashion show, Gibson invited guests to listen to music and try out the iconic maker’s latest guitars. Covering the event on its Twitter account, Gibson tweeted a 360-degree video showing off the event’s entertainment, encouraging fans to use the hashtag “#GibsonCES2017.” In addition to its own instruments, Gibson also featured audio equipment and peripherals from brands like Neat Microphones, Philips, and Onkyo.


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