Kiwanis’ Bring Up Grades Program

Kiwanis pic


Youngblood Metals Mining President Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood earned his bachelor of arts in 1993 from Case Western Reserve University, where he majored in business. In addition to his many interests outside of work, Saint Jovite Youngblood is a member and supporter of Kiwanis International.

Kiwanis is a child-focused, non-profit organization with local clubs in 80 countries. In addition to its work in the health and education sector, Kiwanis has numerous programs aimed at giving children better educational opportunities and rewarding those who excel in academics. One of those programs is Bring Up Grades (BUG), which provides incentives for students to raise and maintain their grades throughout the school year.

Organizers at the local level work with the business community to raise funds for prizes and giveaways, including pizza or other food-themed parties. Students are also presented with buttons and certificates for their achievement, while earning recognition on the BUG Honor Roll. Kiwanis offers a program toolkit and other resources, such as printable certificates and a classroom presentation checklist, on its website.

For a full list of resources or to read more about BUG, visit


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