PCGS Coin Grading Strike Types

Professional Coin Grading Service, pic

Professional Coin Grading Service
Image: pcgs.com

Business owner and precious metals expert “Kota” Saint Jovite Youngblood holds a bachelor of arts degree in business from Case Western Reserve University. A former finance director and general manager, Saint Jovite Youngblood currently serves as the president of Youngblood Metals Mining where he has achieved PCGS status.

PCGS refers to Professional Coin Grading Service, which is a subdivision of Collectors Universe, Inc. The organization provides grading and valuation services for precious metals and collectibles, and provides an industry standard in third-party certification services for coins.

Professional Coin Grading Service utilizes the Sheldon Scale as its basis for grading coins, created by Dr. William Sheldon in 1948. The scale includes values ranging from 1 to 70, as well as several broad categories referred to as strike types.

Mint state: noncirculated business coins that range from flawless quality to one with many marks.
Proof: specially prepared coins that have more detail than regular strikes, due to the slower speed and pressure of the minting process.
Specimen: coins that were created between 1792 and 1816 with old equipment no longer in use today.


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